April 01 2019

Dwarka Tour Package

Explore India on an adventure travel trip with OAT. Visit Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur (the Golden Triangle), tour the Taj Mahal, glimpse wildlife, and more.

Explore India Travel, Tours, Vacation, wildlife, Cruises HD In our video, watch as travelers discover the magic of India, and preview the life-changing experiences that await you:


Cruise down the Ganges at sunrise Observe a sacred light ceremony Ride a rickshaw through a night bazaar Heart of India Delhi • Jaipur • Ranthambore • Agra • Khajuraho • Varanasi From humble villages to ancient temples, you'll see many sides of this unique region of South Asia in our Heart of India video:


25 small group activities & tours A sunrise & sunset cruise on the Ganges A Home-Hosted Dinner, plus 32 more meals Day by Day Itinerary Small Groups: Never more than 10-16 travelers—guaranteed! If you're looking for adventure, explore India, where every moment brings new stimulation.


The scent of roasted cumin seeds floating through a Delhi bazaar ... a young girl's bracelets jangling on her arm as she prepares for a festival ... Hindu pilgrims descending ghats into the holy Ganges.

From the excitement of the "Golden Triangle" cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur to the tranquility of the unexpected retreats that lie between them, we explore it all on this tour of India. Expert Trip Leaders will bring you behind the scenes and off the beaten path with their intimate understanding of India, past and present.


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