The famous ancient holy city located in the state of Maharashtra is known for its connection with the Hindu mythological epic "Ramayana".

There are plenty of incidents from Ramayana that happened in Panchvati, Nasik including the Surpanakha seducing Rama and finally ended up with her nose cut off by Lakshamana.

Being home to a number of exotic and ancient temples, there are many more places to see in Nasik like waterfalls, forts, vineyards etc.

Nasik is a place to visit for all the tourists, while their tour to Shirdi and Trimbekeshwar.

Despite being a religious city, Nasik gives you a variety of experience from temples to vineyards and waterfalls to hills.

Places to visit in Nasik include Saptashrungi, Sita Gufa, Panchvati, and Sula vineyard, Pandavleni Caves, Dudhsagar Falls, Anjaneri Hills and Kapileshwar Temple.