Konark, in the territory of Orissa, is the eminent world over for the Sun Temple which is likewise a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Annual dance celebration and its wonderful sandy shorelines.

Konark's Sun Temple is an engineering wonder and is a standout amongst the most excellent landmarks of India. The Annual Dance Festival is a multi-day-long social event which welcomes novel dancers from everywhere throughout the nation.

This celebration is a stupendous festival of our nation's rich social and creative heritage, an occasion to really cheer the different move shapes that our nation has concocted.

The festivals occur with the background of the Sun temple, adding glory and wonderfulness to the entire program. Other than this, Konark likewise has the Sun Festival, where enthusiasts offer petitions to the Sun God by taking plunges in the ocean.

The Dance Festival additionally has a Handicrafts Mela where one can purchase one of a kind and wonderfully high-quality pieces which delightfully mirror the Oriya work of art.

Other places to visit in Konark are Sun Temple, Chandrabhaga Beach, ASI Museum and Astaranga Beach.