One of the most popular tourist spots in Madhya Pradesh is Khajuraho. Khajuraho group of monuments is a group of Hindu and Jain temples, which spread along the Chattarpur district.

These temples also come under UNESCO world heritage site.

The temples at Khajuraho are categorised in 3 groups, based on their location - the eastern, the western and the southern group.

The Sculptures in Khajuraho are so beautiful, convoluted and passionate that it will keep your mouth open with amaze and wonder.

Places to visit in Khajuraho include Lakshamana Temple, Kandariya Mahadeva Temple, Devi Jagdamba Temple, Parsvanath Temple, Chitragupta Temple, Brahma Temple, Chaunsat Yogini Temple, Adivart Tribal and Folk Art Museum, Chaturbhuj Temple and Matengeshwar Temple.

Along with these places, there are many more places to visit near Khajuraho like Panna - famous for its national park and the Majestic Orchha.