The cool shorelines, greenery, grand natural magnificence and above all, its simple accessibility of shoddy alcohol makes Daman a well-known place to visit among young people and even as an escape for those in Gujarat.

Daman is a wonderful little city, encompassed by conditions of Gujarat, Maharashtra and the Arabian ocean on the sides.

This place has a rich culture and history. Its history returns to over 2000 years earlier. The present is tinted in shades of delight, straightforwardness, and merriment.

Shorelines of the territory let it emerge as a place to visit of characteristic magnificence together with clues of fun. What includes the vacationer experience here is the shopping scene which reaches from leather products, impeccable brands of alcohol to handcrafted things.

Must visit place in Daman includes Devka Beach, Mirasol Lake Garden, Jampore Beach, St Jerome Fort, Somnath Mahadev Temple, Dominican Monastery and some mesmerising water parks.